Welligton Sousa

A frame clear and simple, I am what you see...


José Welligton Sousa de Castro is the son of bricklayer José Wilame Pereira de Castro and seamstress Maria Helena Sousa de Castro.

He began his music studies in 2000 when he joined so far, Banda de Musica de Pindoretama (Band of Music), playing the trombone.

In 2002 and 2006 toured to Germany, where he made presentations at the Duckstein-Festival in Kiel and Lübeck, Pinneberg Summer Jazz Festival, FIFA FAN FEST, Altonale, Kieler Woche, Wine Fest Pinneberg.

He began his first studies in harmony in 2004 when he made a course of editing sheet music, taught by Professor Jardilino Marciel and conducted by the Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Ceará (Department of Culture of the State of Ceará) in Beberibe. So he went on to analyze the scores who edited - correcting the harmony and "completing" the voices that eventually missing.

2007 and 2008 was a finalist for Prêmio Alberto Nepomucendo de Composição para Banda de Musica (the Prix Alberto Nepomuceno composition for wind band) organized by the Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Ceará (Department of Culture of the State of Ceará).

In 2007 he joined the Universidade do Estadual do Ceará (University of State of Ceará) UECE, in the composition course with Professor Dr. Alfredo Barros.

In 2008 he was assistant arrangements their teacher, in the musical production of the show "REINO"(kingdom) of the dance company Vera Passos.

In 2009 taught courses in music editing with software Finale 2009 by Secult-ce and UECE, and made arrangements to show the singer André Matos.

In 2010 taught courses in music editing with software Finale 2010 by the city of Sobral. And, was a finalist for the Prêmio FUNARTE de Composição Classica (Award FUNARTE classical composition) in the category: Symphony Orchestra and had his song "Tormenta" (Storm) played in the XIX Bienal Brasileira de Musica Contemporâne (Brazilian Biennial of Contemporary Music)

He has had compositions and arrangements played by groups from Belgium, Colombia, France, USA and Italy.

Currently makes arrangements and compositions and works in the archive of the Orquestra Sinfônica da Universidade do Estadual do Ceará (Symphony Orchestra of the University of State of Ceará) OSUECE.

Welligton Sousa